Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Journey Time Measurement
using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Tracking of individual vehicles, which pass the measurement sites of a defined route. Licence-plate numbers are captured automatically, encrypted for privacy reasons and transfered to an IP-Server where all data is processed and current journey time is evaluated. In Greater Munich more than 20 V-REX systems are delivering accurate data every few minutes, and this reliable since 2004. >> more

Video Toll
for automatic and efficent toll collection. Since many years more than 150 V-REX number plate recognition systems are successfully in operation in the context of truck toll and video toll (‘Videomaut’) in Austria.  >> more

Analysis of Traffic Flow
using automatic numer plate recognition at the access roads of an investigation area. In the context of traffic reports reliable statements can be made concerning origin and destination traffic as well as transit traffic. >> more

Parking Management
using ANPR systems for an efficient control and analysis of stationary traffic. Due to the logging of licence plate numbers additional information can be obtained such as the individual parking time or point of origin. >> more

Traffic Surveillance
of restricted areas (e.g. pedestrian areas, bus lanes) using automatic number plate recognition. By matching licence plate numbers with a ‘white list’ violations can be prosecuted immediately. CAT number plate recognition systems are a reliable and efficient solution in this context. >> more

Access Control Using License Plate Numbers
As a modular designed system TrafXS offers costumer-specific hardware and software solutions using reliable and robust high-tech components. Applications range from simple access statistics and automatic barrier control (e.g. access of camping grounds) to access control with multiple secured identification. Depending on the application different types of triggers (external sensors or internal video trigger) are available. Up to 8 cameras can be connected to the TrafXS system whereas the camera signal can be feeded analogically or digitally (network camera). In order to achieve a multiple identification of vehicles/people the automatic captured licence plate number can be combined with RFID or other ID technologies. >> more

Vehicle Tracing
While searching for vehicles the recording of licence plate numbers can be obtained stationary or mobile (in-car-systems). An update of the search list is either done manually or automatically via GPRS. Due to the robust and well proven components of the TrafXS system a best possible result, especially concerning reading accuracy, is guaranteed. >> more
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