Traffic Data Collection

Radar Traffic Counter/Classifier EasyCOUNT
with velocity measurement, identification of direction and vehicle categorization. Using an integrated GPRS module we have completely automated the management of the collected data. In a major project in Lower Austria more than 65.000 daily measurements are managed in such a way at more than 1.000 measuring sites. During the last few years over 100 solar-powered EasyCOUNT traffic counters have been steadily providing traffic data in Tirol (Austria). >> more

AVC 100 Traffic Detector on the Basis of Inductive Loops/Piezoelectric Sensors
with speed measurement, identification of direction and vehicle classification according TLS (8 vehicle categories). Up to 8 lanes can be covered with one system. Optional the vehicle categorization can be expanded to an axle configuration by a simple integration of piezoelectric sensors. Using the CAT EasyCOM module, individual vehicle data can be stored and transfered to a remote control centre. 
>> more

Journey Time Measurement Using Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
Tracking of individual vehicles, which pass control sections of a defined route. Licence-plate numbers are anonymously captured and transfered to a control centre where the actual journey time and a forecast of the traffic flow is evaluated. In Greater Munich more than 10 V-REX systems are delivering accurate traffic data every few minutes, and this reliable for more than two years now. >> more

Analysis of Traffic Flow
using automatic numer plate recognition at the access roads of an investigation area. In the context of traffic reports reliable statements can be made concerning origin and destination traffic as well as transit traffic. >> more
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Traffic Data Collection